Our Philosophy

We believe that everything in life is about balance. In our modern fast-paced lives, things can get stressful and challenging. We are constantly on the go, problem solving, and rarely have enough time to rest. Where do you channel most of your energy? Do you give yourself time to recharge? To regain balance, we need to practice self care both inside and out. We must take time to reflect, try something new, embrace a fear, or simply reward ourselves for hard work.

Colibri Yoga Retreats is dedicated to this principle. Combining our passion for travel and wellness, we invite you to join us for a magical experience in paradise. Colibri Yoga Retreats offers spiritual adventures to help you re-connect and recharge through daily yoga, meditation practices and communion with nature. Our retreats are designed to cultivate, enhance or jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, ultimately leading to a happier and fuller life. Our goal is to bring people together to create true connection in a sublime state. A community to hold space, up lift and support each other, while exploring the most beautiful places in the world together. 

Who We Are

We are honest, openhearted and like-minded yogi friends who share a passion for wellness and adventure. Both dedicated teachers and lifelong students, we're in it to make the world a better and sweeter place.

Devon Young


RYT 500 Vinyasa Yoga Training
Hot Yoga (HPF)
Yoga Sculpt
TRX certification

Devon loves to bring creativity into her flow while maintaining strength, focus, and a sense of ease.  She believes balance is the essence of life and that yoga helps us dive deeper into who we really are.  She strives to create an environment where her students can find clarity in their daily lives and ultimately become healthier, happier humans.  

Devon grew up in the Bay Area with her parents and sister and various animals.  She wasn't very healthy throughout college and was always looking for ways to make herself feel better.  She loved boxing but after a while it started taking a toll on her physically.  Her mother took her to her first hot yoga class and she was hooked.  She couldn't believe how great she felt and she started making yoga a daily priority.  She received her first RYT 200 hour training in Los Angeles in 2012 and hasn't looked back since.  Since then she has done multiple trainings and workshops with multiple mentors including Annie Carpenter, Schuyler Grant & Clio Manuelian, as well as led many 200 hour Teacher Trainings herself.  She believes that the practice is life-long and that she will forever be a student first.  



Juliette Rossato


RYT 275 Vinyasa Yoga Training
Yin Yoga Training
Hot Yoga (HPF)
Reiki (Level I)

Juliette strives to bring grace, vigor and an open heart to every class. Nothing makes her happier than to help her students reach their full potential both on and off the mat. For Juliette, yoga is about growth, discovery, letting go and digging deep. Her classes are fun and energetic, yet calming at the same time. Breath carrying body through creative sequences designed to awaken the heart, inspire the mind, and bring vitality, flexibility, strength and awareness to her students. Her father, an inspiring Ashtanga yogi, first introduced Juliette to yoga as a child. Years later the joy and confidence she gained from a regular practice brought her to leave her former career as a photographer and make yoga her life’s work. 
She concluded her RYT 200 hour training in Boulder in 2011 and has been an enthusiastic teacher and student ever since. Additionally she teaches Yin/Restorative Yoga and Hot Yoga (HPF). Juliette was born in Miami, FL,  grew up in northern Germany and now calls Los Angeles, CA her home.