Disconnect to reconnect.


We believe that everything in life is about balance. In our modern fast-paced lives, things can get stressful and challenging. We are constantly on the go, problem solving, and rarely have enough time to rest. Where do you channel most of your energy? Do you give yourself time to recharge? To regain balance, we need to practice self care both inside and out. We must take time to reflect, try something new, embrace a fear, or simply reward ourselves for hard work.

Colibri Yoga Retreats is dedicated to this principle. Combining our passion for travel and wellness, we invite you to join us for a magical experience in paradise. Colibri Yoga Retreats offers spiritual adventures to help you re-connect and recharge through daily yoga, meditation practices and communion with nature. Our retreats are designed to cultivate, enhance or jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, ultimately leading to a happier and fuller life. Our goal is to bring people together to create true connection in a sublime state. A community to hold space, up lift and support each other, while exploring the most beautiful places in the world together.